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[7/15 to 7/19] Summer Workshop – Introduction to Scratch Programming

July 15th to July 19th – 1:30PM to 3:30PM PST
Preeti Hargunani
Min number of students: 2
Max number of students: 8
Min Age:
6 Years

Day 1. Introduction to scratch

We’ll begin our camp by learning about Scratch and its main parts, like the Scratch screen, sprites (characters) and backdrops. We’ll also get to know the block palette that we’ll use to create fun games. Then, we’ll start working on a special game called a “clicker game” together. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Day 2. Gliding and moving sprites

On Day 2 of the summer camp, we’ll be learning about Gliding and moving sprites in Scratch! We’ll explore how to make our characters move smoothly across the screen using different motion blocks. By the end of the lesson, we’ll be experts at controlling our sprites’ movements and ready to create some awesome animations and games!

Day 3. Animating a sprite

On Day 3, we’ll dive into animating a sprite! We’ll embark on a mini project where we’ll learn how to bring our sprites to life by introducing animations. We’ll explore techniques such as changing costumes and backdrops, and more exciting ways to make our characters move and interact. By the end of the session, we’ll be equipped with the skills to create dynamic and engaging animations in Scratch!

Day 4. Adding effects and sound and a project on making the sprite talk

On Day 4, we’ll be delving into adding effects and sound to our projects! We’ll focus on creating a project where our sprite can talk, utilizing sound blocks to bring our creations to life.

Throughout the session, we’ll experiment with different sound effects and learn how to synchronize them with our sprite’s actions. By the end of the day, we’ll have mastered the art of adding captivating effects and sounds to enhance our projects in Scratch!

Day 5. Final day: Projects completion day and demo day

On the final day of our camp, students will focus on completing their projects and polishing their demos. They’ll spend the session putting finishing touches on their creations, ensuring everything is just right for the demo session.

In the last half-hour of class, parents will be invited to join us for a special demonstration, where students will showcase their impressive projects and share what they’ve learned throughout the week. It’s going to be a fantastic way to wrap up our camp!