Sushama Thakur

Sushama Thakur is an educational leader and brings over 25 years of distinguished teaching experience to her role.

With a master’s degree in psychology and numerous accolades recognizing her expertise, Sushama has successfully taught children of diverse ages, backgrounds, and neurotypes across public, private, and Montessori-style schools.

Witnessing the limitations imposed by traditional school systems and the subsequent hindrance to personal growth, Sushama envisioned her tutoring service to bridge these gaps.

Tutoring Technique
She offers a uniquely tailored curriculum designed to meet each child’s individual needs, utilizing comprehension and retention strategies that best suit them.

Sushama expertly blends Common Core standards with Singapore math methods to ensure students’ theoretical understanding progresses in tandem with their practical skills. Her English lessons are crafted from scratch, going beyond basic fluency requirements and consistently leading to exceptional student performance.

The workshops
Sushama will be hosting Writing and CogAT Workshops for PrepForest.

In the Writing Workshop, participants will benefit from her innovative approach to English instruction, featuring comprehensive, custom-built lessons that drive outstanding performance. The students will learn about informational writing, argumentative writing, narrative essays and book reports.

The CogAT Workshop will leverage her extensive experience and expertise in tailoring educational strategies to individual learning styles, ensuring each student is well-prepared and confident.

Join Sushama Thakur at PrepForest to help your child realize their full potential and enjoy a rewarding academic journey.