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The NNAT3 test helps see how good kids are at solving problems and thinking in new ways without using words. It was made by a smart person named Jack A. Naglieri, who is a professor. The test started in 1988, and the new version, NNAT3, came out in 2010.

Kids between 4 and 17 years old can take the NNAT3 test. It has 48 questions that are like games, and you don’t need to use words to answer. There are three levels, with A being easy, and B and C being a bit harder. You should finish the test in 30 minutes.

The NNAT3 is a good tool to check how well kids can solve problems and think creatively without using language. We made this package for Grade-4 students who are getting ready for the NNAT. It has free practice questions to help you prepare. If you like them, there are more resources you can explore with our premium content.

Want to learn more about NNAT? Checkout our Parent Resources page.

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