CogAT Test NonVerbal Battery

The CogAT test’s non-verbal battery evaluates students’ non-verbal reasoning and problem-solving skills. It encompasses three tests: Figural Matrices, Paper Folding, and Figural Classification.

It’s important to emphasize that the question types on the subtests within the Nonverbal Battery remain consistent across all grade levels. This signifies that the test content remains unchanged, regardless of the student’s grade level.

Figural Matrices

Figural Matrices are designed to assess a student’s non-verbal reasoning and spatial problem-solving abilities. This section of the test doesn’t rely on words or numbers but instead focuses on the visual and abstract aspects of cognitive thinking.

In Figural Matrices, students are presented with a series of abstract shapes or patterns arranged in a matrix or grid. Their task is to identify the underlying patterns, relationships, and rules that govern the arrangement of these shapes. Based on their understanding of these visual relationships, students then select the correct shape or pattern from a set of options to complete the matrix.

Below is a sample question:

Cogat test figural matrix example

Figural Classification

Figural Classification is a vital component of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) designed to assess a student’s non-verbal reasoning and pattern recognition abilities. This section of the test focuses on visual and abstract thinking, challenging students to identify relationships and groupings among abstract shapes and patterns.

In Figural Classification, students are presented with a set of abstract figures or patterns. Their task is to determine how these figures relate to each other and to categorize them based on these relationships. They are then asked to identify the figure that does not belong to the established group or category. This requires students to apply deductive reasoning and analyze visual elements to discern the commonalities or differences among the shapes and patterns.

Figural Classification helps evaluate a student’s ability to perceive and comprehend visual relationships, a skill that can be crucial in various academic subjects and real-world scenarios. It measures their capacity to recognize patterns, think logically, and categorize information based on non-verbal cues.

Below is a sample question:

Cogat test figural classification example

Paper Folding

The Paper Folding questions are another part of the Nonverbal Battery. These questions require the student to predict how a hole-punched, folded paper will appear when it is unfolded. This task is designed to evaluate the student’s ability to visualize spatial relationships and think critically.

Below is a sample question:

Cogat test paper folding example